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June, 2012

The demographics of the United States are constantly changing and healthcare facilities MUST change also to remain solvent. Cities that were once booming with people are now losing population while new areas are becoming more popular to reside. Population shifts have caused hospitals to react in a few ways:

• Building new hospitals
• Closing old hospitals
• Consolidating multiple facilities into one building

Efficient asset management becomes even more important when facilities are transitioning. There are thousands of pieces of equipment throughout a hospital. Administrators must know the following:

• What items are in the current building?
• What equipment will be moved to the new site?
• What will happen to the unused equipment? Transfer? Liquidation?

Administrators can combine medical, IT, facilites’ inventories to discover the assets in the building or hire a third party vendor to provide a complete, up to date inventory of all assets. A current inventory will allow accurate planning for the transition. Also, an appraisal of assets can be used to price the equipment sold to sister facilities or local medical sites. Finally, once it is known what equipment will be moved to the new building and what items will be left behind, it is time to decide how to liquidate the remaining assets. Next month, we will discuss the different ways a hospital can sell unused, out of service equipment from a closed facility.


Manage Resource Group, Inc. is a medical equipment management company
assisting hospitals with inventory, appraisal, and resale services. With
over 25 years industry experience, our team of professionals provide clients
a valuable cost analysis for daily equipment management, facility acquisitions,
and reconciliation of asset ledgers.

Small Businesses and Summer

As the end of June approaches, we find ourselves in the middle of vacation season. Typically, professionals will take some time off from their busy schedules to vacation with their families while the kids are on break. As a small business it is imperative the employees remember to take some time away from the company to “re-charge the batteries”. This is easier said than done.

Small businesses find themselves trying to compete with larger companies each day and many of us are fearful to take time off because we might miss a business opportunity. The last thing any company wants to do is give a customer a reason to look into using another vendor. But the high pressure world we work in makes it even more important to take time off. Overstressing employees will cause serious dips in production and create a sub-standard product/service over time. A week away here or a few long weekends will create a fresher employee and produce a better product.

So, during this vacation season, make sure each employee takes some personal time and make sure there is sufficient coverage so the employee is not worried while away. This will create a more productive workplace in the future.

MRG Team back from Opryland!













We’re back from the Premier Breakthroughs show in Nashville. We would like to thank our clients and customers for visiting with us!

Above are some of our memories from beautiful Opryland which hosted the Premier show.

See y’all next year!

Manage Resource Group at the 2012 Premier Breakthroughs

This week MRG is pleased to be exhibiting at the 2012 Premier Breakthroughs conference in Nashville, TN. Premier is one the of the nation’s leading healthcare GPO’s. Over 4,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors are joining us this week. All products from lasagna to laboratory reagents are on display in the showroom. This is a great opportunity to introduce any new products or latest enhancements to the healthcare world.

We have been fortunate to meet hospital administrators from all over the country. All levels of patient care are attending – doctors, nurses, administrators, etc. It is enlightening to hear the challenges facilities face from the people who handle the adversity each day. And also to see the products and services used to produce the great outcomes these hospitals are known for.