Who uses Inventory & Appraisal Services? – MRG Newsletter – March, 2013

In past newsletters we have discussed what types of companies provide Inventory and Appraisal Services (I&A). This month’s newsletter will highlight who (people/business) uses I&A services. There are many different groups who need Inventory and Appraisal services for their capital equipment.

Health System V.P. of Finance: use I&A for acquiring physician practices, imaging center, ASC’s etc. so the health system understands what assets are being acquired and the value of each asset. VP’s also utilize I&A for auditing current inventory and reconciling assets ledgers. Capital assets should be audited and reconciled every few years.

Health System Dir. Materials Management/Purchasing: use I&A for physician practice acquisitions. In addition, DMMs use Inventory/Appraisal services to evaluate equipment scheduled to be upgraded. DMMs must weigh OEM trade in offers vs. secondary market value to maximize return on surplus equipment. I&A companies identify values to help directors make informed decisions on capital assets.

Private practice physicians: use I&A services to facilitate new partnerships with other doctors, negotiate buyouts of old partnerships. I&A services can even be used in cases of divorce where the physician must identify the value of assets as part of the dissolution process.

Insurance Companies: use I&A services when physicians or healthcare offices are filing for new or renewing current insurance policies to better understand the liability involved in the practice.

Business Valuation Firms: use I&A services for healthcare specific projects. Business valuation firms may not specialize in healthcare and need healthcare I&A professionals to evaluate hard assets when reviewing a healthcare business.

CPA Firms: use I&A services to reconcile balance sheets and determine tax liability & depreciation of assets located in properties.

Financial Institutions: use I&A services to identify equity in healthcare firms that are looking to establish credit lines, refinance or expand current business operations.

Capital Equipment Valuation Firms provide comprehensive services to help clients identify hard assets while outlining details associated with demographics & fair market values.


Recent Inventory and Appraisal projects completed by MRG:

  • OBGYN Practice move, Central MI.
  • Orthopedic Practice acquisition, OH.
  • Family Practice acquisition, MI.
  • 2 location Surgical Practice acquisition and buyout, OH.
  • Cardiovascular Practice assessment, MI

MRG Announcement

Manage Resource Group, Inc. signs two new Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) service agreements.  Details will be outlined in next month’s newsletter.


Manage Resource Group, Inc. participating in AHRMM conference

Spring is finally on the way and preparations have been made for Manage Resource Group, Inc. to exhibit at the 51st Annual AHRMM conference and exhibition July 28 – 31 in San Diego, California. Mark your calendar to attend this great show that will feature the latest information and innovations for supply chain professionals. Be sure to visit us at booth # 622. Click here for more information:


Is your hospital planning an imaging system replacement?

Getting top dollar for an old imaging suite while transitioning into a new system can be a difficult process for any hospital. Manage Resource Group, Inc. can help. We will assist your facility with the resale/removal of any Imaging modality: MRI, CT Scanners, PET Scanners, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, etc.

Our team of professionals will help you identify fair market value on your old imaging system to ensure the hospital is receiving the maximum return on your capital investment. Our years of imaging sales experience offer a streamlined approach when coordinating removal of your old system with the timing of new imaging system installation.

Our proven sales methods generate an average net return for clients between 85%-90% of market value for equipment resale service.

• Identify fair market value on your imaging system
• Increase potential trade-in credits
• Highest net returns in the industry
• Streamlined & transparent sales process
• Fees as low as 10% of resale value of equipment
• Hands on experience managing projects
• Secure forms of payment
• No shipping/handling/storage fees

Call Manage Resource Group, Inc. to discuss any upcoming imaging transitions your facility has planned for 2013. A phone call today can maximize returns and minimize stress tomorrow.

Is your company doing enough to earn customer loyalty & trust?

Is your company going above and beyond to know your customer and provide the best customer service? As evidenced in this LinkedIn article, little things go a long way in earning your customer’s trust.


Every customer has their own set of challenges and hurdles to deal with on a daily basis. Manage Resource Group, Inc. continues to look for ways to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide the best customer service available while meeting the needs associated with their organization.  We realize that you don’t have to be a large corporation with a high-tech marketing or customer service department in place to truly make a difference. Contracted clients are not projects, they are people we partner with to create long-term relationships.

Upon moving to Cleveland I remember walking into a family owned neighborhood hardware store. The clerk there asked my name and wanted to know if I was new to the area because he had not seen me in the store before. I was impressed that he cared to ask. Over time, in each visit to the store I was greeted by name, and many times the employees there asked how things were coming along with the project I had been working on. Over the years this hardware store also kept my name on file and opened up a ‘tab’ in case I needed to pick up an item from their store but didn’t have payment. Talk about earning trust! It almost made me feel as though I went back in time when customer service really mattered. Even though a ‘big box’ hardware store was only minutes away and offered a much larger selection, for the 14 years that I lived in that neighborhood I continued to patronize the local hardware store instead.

Ask yourselves: are you doing what you can in your business to earn your customers’ trust and keep them coming back?