More plans for Healthcare consolidations are on the way

MRG continues to see an increased need for valuation services to assist with healthcare acquisitions.

hospital mergers

Healthcare systems continue to purchase hospitals and independent physician practices.  Gone are the days of stand-alone hospitals as costs & competition continue to rise and reimbursements decline.  Healthcare executives believe that smaller health systems might be next.   Cleveland Clinic President and CEO Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, MD, boldly predicts that what he calls a “big dozen” integrated regional systems will come to dominate the healthcare industry.

Changes in healthcare are putting tremendous pressure on healthcare providers to offer quality care while managing cost.  Already more than half of the 5,700 hospitals in the United States now belong to a health system, and experts predict that more plans for consolidations are on the way.

MRG News & Views – October, 2013 Newsletter

Medical Equipment Lifecycle – Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation

After a purchase has been made and equipment arrives at the hospital, the clinical engineering department should be actively involved with inspection and placement of the assets. Biomed and the accounting department should follow hospital guidelines to ensure the new asset is properly added to the hospitals general ledger and clinical engineering (preventative maintenance) ledger.

Inventory is extremely important for both incoming equipment and equipment impacted by new purchases. Identifying and maintaining an accurate accounting ledger is crucial to health care facilities of all sizes. In order to better manage equipment, there must be control, accountability, and accurate documentation of all capital assets. The capital asset ledger needs to be updated with add/deletes mirroring incoming and outgoing equipment.

Hospitals typically conduct annual inventory for supplies and pharmacy, but sometimes overlook the importance of capital equipment inventories. It is recommended that a facility-wide inventory be conducted every 3-5 years. Reconciling accounting ledgers will give a clear picture of assets physically in the facility.

Resale management ties into the technology implementation phase of equipment lifecycle as decisions must be made on what to do with decommissioned assets displaced by new purchases. It’s not uncommon for hospitals to be reactive once equipment comes out of service and this approach can minimize potential return on investment or identifying the best course of direction for the asset.

Including disposition of assets in discussions during the budgeting phase is a proactive step the hospital can take to better understand what will happen with decommissioned assets once removed from service. Partnering with an equipment management company can help identify:

  • Fair market value of the decommissioned asset
  • If the OEM trade-in offer is fair
  • Does the decommissioned asset have secondary market value
  • What is the maximum return on investment

During technology implementation, it is important for facilities to keep ledgers current with equipment add/deletes while maximizing return on investment for decommissioned assets.


MRG Recent Projects:

Equipment Resale Management Service:

MRG completed a pump change out for a hospital client that involved the marketing, sale and removal of 1,400+ pumps which generated over $600,000.00 in revenue.  The turnkey project was completed within 3 weeks from initial sales and marketing to pump removal.


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  • Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween.
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 About MRG:

Manage Resource Group, Inc. is a privately owned healthcare equipment management company headquartered in Berea, Ohio.  Our client focused services create strategies for each customer to increase profitability on capital equipment.  We are industry experts offering the following service lines:

  •  Inventory services
  • Appraisal services
  • Resale management

For more information, visit our website at .

MRG Equipment Resale Management Services

Do you have a system or technology transition taking place in the near future? Do you have surplus in storage but don’t know if the equipment has value or have time to manage it?

Manage Resource Group, Inc.’s resale management service provides answers to these questions with a professional turnkey solution providing the highest returns in the industry.

Contact us if you’re currently receiving minimal trade-in credits from the OEM, selling equipment to dealers for pennies on the dollar, or spending up to 40-60% of equipment revenues for consignment services. We have generated an average net return for clients between 85-90% of market value.

Instead of trading in equipment to the OEM, find out the value that can be obtained through an equipment resale project. Our team of professionals can help you identify the fair market value of your equipment so that you receive the maximum return on your capital investment.

ROI on past projects:                     Total Sale:           Net Return (for hospital):
1999 CT Scanner                            $17,000               $15,000
Olympus Endoscopy Suite            $135,000             $114,750
Infusion Pump Change out           $178,000             $160,000

Let MRG assist you with the following:

• Identify FMV for your system
• Highest net returns for equipment
• Streamlined and transparent sales process
• Secure forms of payment
• No shipping/handling/storage fees
• No long-term contracts

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“Helping to assess, inform, and empower health care providers with their equipment management needs.” For more information on MRG’s services, visit our website or contact us at (440) 289-6490.

Equipment available from Manage Resource Group, Inc.

Manage Resource Group, Inc. has been contracted by an Ohio hospital to sell the following equipment:

Qty:                   Make:                       Model:                  Description:

4                          GE/Ohmeda             Aisys                      Anesthesia machines with montiors

2                          GE/Ohmeda             Aisys                      Anesthesia machines with monitors                                                                                                          /parts removed

1                          Coherent                   Ultrapulse              Laser                                                                                                                            3000C

1                          Datascope                 CS100                     Intra Aortic Balloon Pump

Will be sold in “AS IS” / “WHERE IS” condition with no warranties. For pricing and details, please contact Brian Hoehn at (216) 926-8162 or email at

blog-10-1010-10-13 blog equip

Medex 3500 Syringe Pump Liquidation

Manage Resource Group, Inc. has been contracted to sell on behalf of an Ohio Hospital:

  • 800 Qty. Medex 3500 Syringe Pumps

Medex 3500 syringe pump

Also available:

  • 390 Qty. Carefusion / Alaris 7130 Large Volume IV Single Channel Pumps
  • 300 Qty. Carefusion / Alaris 7230 Large Volume IV Single Channel Pumps
  • 5 Qty. Carefusion EtCO2 Modules. Never been used.

Equipment was just removed from service. Will be sold in “AS IS” / “WHERE IS” condition with no warranties. Price discounts for larger quantities purchased. For pricing and details, please contact Brian Hoehn at (216) 926-8162 or email at