What is the character of your business?

Many of us have heard the story of Leah Still who is the daughter of Devon Still from the Cincinnati Bengals that is fighting stage four cancers.

On Thursday night in a primetime showdown of the battle of Ohio the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals hit the field.  As a Browns fan the game was great to watch because our beloved Browns won.  But there was one moment in the game that stuck with me as I watched.

At the end of the first quarter the Cincinnati Bengals welcomed little Leah onto the field and money raised from the sale of Devon Still jerseys was donated to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital.

Hoyer At that moment the Browns quarterback (Brian Hoyer) walked over the to the Bengals sideline and approached Devon Still and gave him a hug.  Here in the heat of battle against a divisional opponent the football game became secondary.  This was one father reaching out to another to show support.  Whether you are a Hoyer fan or not this jester showed me the true character of the man behind the offensive helm of the Browns.

Companies spend millions of dollars each year to market their products and services, but if the character of the company behind those product/services is questionable it will ultimately show itself to customers.  Building a company takes an intense amount of time, effort and money.  As a representative of MRG it is my hope that our clients don’t just look at the services we provide but can see the character of the company that is working for them.  Millions of dollars on marketing campaigns don’t mean anything unless the character of the company it promotes is true.

Our prayers and support go out to Devon and Leah Still as they battle this illness.