Turn idle assets into cash


Is your organization maximizing returns on capital purchases? 

 Idle assets may be costing you money when they can potentially generate money.


Idle assets tie up valuable storage space, depreciate in value each day they sit idle, and may be costing the facility money if still on the operating ledger.

Look to the experienced staff of Manage Resource Group, Inc. to provide a solution for idle assets.  Our team of professionals have helped many clients obtain the highest possible return on capital assets including all modalities of movable medical devices and imaging equipment.

MRG can help:

  • Identify FMV for your assets
  • Pay top dollar for your surplus equipment
  • Coordinate pick up with no shipping/handling/storage fees

If you are currently storing idle assets, give MRG a call, and our team would be happy  to review any available assets.  You can also email equipment lists to info@manageresourcegroup.net and a representative will contact you to discuss potential revenue returns.


When Hospitals Buy Doctors’ Offices, and Patient Fees Soar



Healthcare has seen a great deal of mergers and acquisitions over the past few years.  As this trend continues it’s important for both hospital and physicians to streamline processes after an acquisition to benefit the patients they serve.  The two greatest issues that concern consumers is quality of care and cost.  When either of these two areas breakdown it puts unwanted pressure on the patient to find a new providers which is extremely time consuming and frustrating to maneuver.    The whole premise of the Affordable Care Act is to provide coverage to the consumer at a reasonable cost while increasing quality of care the providers delivers.  The attached NY Times article highlights that there are areas that will need to be modified to make this happen.