Manage Resource Group, Inc. Remote Auditing Service

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For needs associated with smaller practice valuations MRG has created its Remote Auditing Service.

With advancements in smartphone technology what would typically require a site visit from MRG’s audit team can now be accomplished remotely.

The program allows clients to work directly with our audit team to identify assets located in properties. MRG offers clients industry expertise capturing demographics associated with each asset and MRG handles data entry, formatting and fair market assessment for the project.

The service is more comprehensive then a desk-top appraisal at a fraction of the cost for onsite services. MRG anticipates the remote service will be highly receptive for clients that are valuating smaller physician practices (1-5 exam rooms)

MRG’s auditing services offers a comprehensive solution for any need:

  • Appraise Now™
  • Desktop Appraisal Service
  • Remote Auditing Service
  • Onsite Inventory & Appraisal Service