5 Reasons to Sell Your Surplus Equipment NOW

Storage room at MRG






Healthcare facilities have choices when equipment becomes surplus. Items can be stored, donated, scrapped, or resold. Selling surplus equipment creates the best returns on out of service items, but sometimes hospitals are hesitant to resell equipment for fear of needing it in the future and other reasons. Like most things though, timing is everything. Here are 5 reasons you should be selling your equipment now:

1. Space Saved: Surplus equipment takes up valuable space in a hospital while not producing any clinical value.
2. Highest resale value is now: equipment does not appreciate over time. The best time to resell it is as soon as it is surplus. There are newer technologies that will be resold soon and will depreciate your asset even more.
3. Your facility doesn’t need it anymore: The equipment was retired for a reason so why hold onto it anymore?
4. The technology is probably obsolete: OEMs obsolete equipment quicker than ever before, making it hard to find support or parts for old equipment.
5. Reselling equipment is easy: By streamlining the internal resale process and working with a reliable 3rd party vendor, selling your surplus equipment has never been easier.

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