September 2015 Newsletter

Is your hospital proactive or reactive with equipment replacement decisions?


For many clients the budgeting process for the next fiscal year is well underway.   Capital equipment budgets are being developed by hospital departments to determine which assets will be replaced and which technology transitions will take place in the new-year.

Hospitals will purchase many different types of capital equipment for the upcoming year. With budgets soon to be approved, purchase orders will be sent and new equipment will be delivered.  Does your facility have a plan for equipment that will be displaced by new purchases?

It’s not uncommon for hospitals to focus their attention on new equipment purchases during the budget review process but this is the best time to also identify what is going to happen with equipment that will be displaced by new purchases.

Being proactive during the budgeting process will minimize exposure decommissioned assets place on the facility once replacement budgets have been approved.  Following are points to consider during the budgeting process in preparation for new equipment arrival:

  • Create a timeline/calendar outlining incoming and outgoing equipment in specific areas
  • Have a clear understanding of equipment that will be decommissioned by any new purchases
  • Identify potential resale value for end of life equipment on replacement budgets
  • Determine what is the best course of direction for displaced asset:

*  Trade-in to the OEM for new purchase

*  Redeploy internally to a sister facility

*  Sell on the secondary market

*  Donate

*  Salvage

  • Develop a project plan that outlines what areas of the hospital will be impacted and personnel that will be involved in the transition process.
  • Who will the key players be for new equipment arrival and decommissioned assets?
  • Determine areas within the hospital that can be utilized for staging incoming and outgoing equipment to minimize patient and employee disturbance
  • Utilize equipment fair market valuations to better negotiate potential trade-in with OEM on new purchases
  • If secondary market values dictate selling the assets, begin to identify potential buyers before equipment is removed from service

Being proactive during the budgeting process allows the hospital flexibility to better manage decisions on what will happen with assets displaced by new purchases.  Having a plan in place for decommissioned assets will minimize space requirements while maximizing potential returns on equipment impacted by new equipment purchases.

MRG Projects:

I&A of Ohio GI Clinic included a surgery center, lab and two practices appraised at more the $500,000 in tangible assets. I&A of two Family Medicine Practices in Kentucky.

MRG Appraisal of the Month:

 1qty 2013 Sandstone Cheveux cosmetic laser

FMV: $25,000.00

cheveux-machine-280MRG Hospital Fun Facts:

Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) went on a surprise visit to hospital to meet a fan who fell into coma after being stabbed 30 times. She sang to the girl and her arms and legs started moving and she woke up the next day

Manage Resource Group, Inc. Remote Auditing Services

Do you have a small physician practice that needs to be audited?  MRG provides a solution that is cost effective and offers a much quicker return on deliverables than an onsite audit.  MRG’s remote auditing services minimizes the cost associated with travel and time restraints when conducting an onsite audits.

With advancements in technology and MRG’s proprietary inventory software what would typically require a site visit from MRG’s audit team can now be accomplished remotely.

The remote audit allows clients to work directly with our inventory/appraisal specialist to identify assets located in properties.  MRG provides clients industry expertise, capturing demographics associated with tangible assets i.e. medical equipment, furniture, IT, business related equipment etc. and MRG will handle the data entry, report formatting and fair market valuation for each project.

The remote auditing service is more comprehensive than a typical desk-top appraisal at a fraction of the cost of onsite auditing services. The remote auditing services provides clients a cost effective option to valuating smaller physician practices (1-5 exam rooms)

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