June 2016 Newsletter

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June 2016 Newsletter

Surplus Medical Equipment: Is there a Market for it?

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Decommissioned medical equipment is part of the equipment life cycle that many facilities find challenging.  These challenges cause many facilities to move equipment into storage (out of sight out of mind) or discard because the remaining book value has depreciated to $0 and they don’t think the asset is worth anything.  Following are a few things to consider about your decommissioned (surplus) equipment:

  • Time restraints and lack of market knowledge are reasons why hospitals don’t actively manage their surplus equipment in a timely fashion
  • Approximately half of equipment removed from service still has secondary market value
  • Just because an asset is no longer functional does not mean it doesn’t have value.  Many buyers purchase these types of assets to use for parts
  • Just because an asset doesn’t have book value doesn’t mean it won’t have secondary market value
  • Secondary market value may provide higher returns than OEM trade-in values
  • Working with a third party vendor to help identify assets with no value provides justification for discarding the asset with hospital administration, eliminating the need to put into storage

It’s important to understand that there is a market for surplus equipment and having a partner who understands the secondary market can offer benefits to provide the best return on your investment while minimizing time and space restraints surplus can have on your facility.

MRG Projects: 

Completed an Ohio audit of 10 physician practices with an asset count of over 2,000 assets, valued at over $500,000

Appraisal of the month:

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1qty Dornier Medilas H Holmium laser

-FMV: $10,000.00




MRG Hospital Fun Fact:

In a study to improve hospital design for children, researchers polled 250 children regarding their opinions on clowns and every single one of them reported disliking or fearing them. –Source

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