Ransomware Attacks in Healthcare

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Ransomware Attacks in Healthcare

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The rise of ransomware attacks in the U.S. have risen 35% in the past year alone.  With the ransom amounts getting bigger, these criminal hackers are looking toward organizations such as hospitals.  The most surprising part is that the hospitals are paying the large sums of ransom to regain access to their system.  Hollywood Presbyterian said, “Handing over the $17,000 was in the best interest of restoring normal operations”. Is this truly in the best interest of the hospital to submit to paying these criminals? How long before these criminals return seeking more money?

There is no preventative action in place once the ransom is paid; therefore hospitals are just as vulnerable as before.  The money that is being funneled is through bitcoin which is anonymously traded currency online. In order for health systems to protect themselves, they need to implements software that is more secure, on top of having contingency plans in place if the system is hacked.  Protection from these hackers involves money up front, however that is money well spent to ensure the safety of workers and patients.  Paying off these criminals will result in the hospitals becoming watering holes for other hackers looking to make their bitcoin.  Below is an article that goes into further detail about the problem ransomware has become for healthcare facilities.