Why you should use a 3rd party to sell your surplus equipment

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Recently, Manage Resource Group was asked to bid on a large project.  Multiple imaging pieces were to be removed over a 3 month period.  The equipment needed to be resold and removed prior the installation of new systems.  The health system asked for a cash purchase of the equipment and would handle all the rest of the details.  Even though bidding out a project like this may seem the simplest, most efficient way of getting the equipment removed and off site, it’s not.  On large projects, or equipment transitions, it is imperative to partner with a 3rd party company who specializes in resale.

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Health systems need to partner with a reseller on large projects for many reasons.  One, is a professional reseller is going to take the proper time to find the right buyers and negotiate the best prices for the items to be removed.  Also, a reseller (MRG for example) will have access to thousands more buyers than a health system administrator who is bidding out equipment him/herself.  Secondly, a reseller will coordinate all the site visits (inspections, removals, etc.) so the hospital employee doesn’t have to be hassled with making sure multiple vendors have access to different rooms at different times.  Third, professional resellers will coordinate the removals and make certain the right pieces are taken out at the right time.  Some removals (especially Imaging equipment) can take multiple days to complete one system.  These are time consuming, tedious tasks no administrator wants to be a part of.  Especially, with a full slate of other responsibilities at the hospital.

Bidding out equipment and not using an exclusive vendor may seem to be a good option to use.  However, on the large projects involving many tasks, it’s better to let a company handle it, they’ll make sure all the details are covered.

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