ASC’s: When was the last time you conducted an inventory and assessment of your capital assets?

Your assets could be costing you more than they’re worth. Unaccounted equipment increases costs associated with preventative maintenance, storage, and insurance.
If it’s been more than 3 years, it may be time to update your ledger.
Many surgery centers don’t have an active ledger to work off of, but who has the time to go through every piece of equipment they own?
Manage Resource Group’s I&A services help with:
Did you know that past audits reveal only a 15%-20% match rate when reconciling against old ledgers?
  • Verify the assets located on the property
  • Easily track equipment and maintenance throughout its lifecycle
  • Add, amend, or delete line items as they come in/out of service to contain facility costs
Do you know what equipment should be replaced? What about which systems present a cybersecurity risk?
  • Capture demographics such as condition, age, software, etc.
  • Identify the systems on your network that may be weak spots for ransomware attacks
  • Determine which items should be upgraded or are no longer needed based on condition assessments
Are you paying too much insurance on your assets? Or not enough should potential litigation arise?
  • Appraise assets to better understand insurance requirements for the property
  • Make sure you’re covered for what you have installed and in-use
We Inventory and Assess All Assets
          – Medical Equipment
          – Instruments
          – IT Equipment
          – Furniture


MRG handles your I&A needs to keep you informed and empowered! To learn more, contact our equipment specialists at (888) 557-4797 or