Healthcare Partnerships are the Key to Overcoming Adversity

Health leaders are seeing new challenges arise related to the coronavirus epidemic and may be unsure how to proceed. The article above shows an excellent example of a rural hospital overcoming adversity through multiple means, but it seems the underlying factor to success is the quality of relationships and partnerships a hospital or health system makes within the industry. Especially for a hospital with limited resources, connecting with other facilities and exploring new avenues to purchase critical care equipment are vital to maintaining services and avoiding financial ruin.


Partnering with other facilities

Facilities with less funding can partner with other local health systems to create a connected point of care system as a failsafe for when services are hindered. By pooling IT and financial resources, healthcare providers can more easily:

  • Develop and expand existing telehealth and EHR networks
  • Transfer patients when approaching/maximizing capacity
  • Communicate patient data electronically to avoid repeated or unnecessary tests
  • Maintain access to health services that may have been shut down at one site due to finances and restrictions

Partnering with the secondary market

Many healthcare providers struggle to navigate a fragmented marketplace, especially in times of limited supply and increased need. Partnering with a company who knows the secondary market rather than just going through OEMs can improve procurement strategy by:

  • Gaining access to broader range of inventory via the company’s dealer contacts and leads
  • Widening procurement options to include rentals and used/refurbished equipment
  • Removing the hassle of searching for stock and price comparing multiple companies from healthcare providers’ workload

Establishing and improving these types of relationships helps to overcome short-term adversity and increase profitability in the long run. Even facilities in good standing can benefit from examining new engagement strategies to strengthen their market presence. In times like these and going forward, we must remember that we’re all in this together.